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This is what we recommend you take to "the field":

PETITION FORMS: Bring extras. You'll be glad you did: people may want to take some so they can help, so bring lots of them. Click here to find out Where To Get Petition Forms. Click here if you can do two-sided printing and want to Print Your Own.

  • NEW! Take a bunch of blank petition forms with you to hand out to casual petitioners, those who are interested in getting the signatures of their friends, colleagues, and neighbors. This is working out great! People are actually filling them out and sending them in.

A STAND OUT sign and other signs to attach to a table or to your person or to…well, anything to draw attention!


  • Petitioners' Quick-Start Guide (7 pages) : This is great for those who may be gathering signatures in a from the general public, at a supermarket or event. Have a few copies of the Casual Petitioner's Guide (above) with you to give to signers who show an interest in petitioning on their own!

  • Petitioners' Comprehensive Guidebook : A more complete collection of resources for those who plan to spend a lot of time gathering signatures and may welcome having more information with them.

CLIPBOARDS or large strong pads of paper that you can attach things to (bring at least 3 of them!):

  • 1 primary clipboard for the forms for the town you're in and the nearby towns
  • 2nd clipboard for other towns
  • 3rd clipboard for your email sign up list, and
  • 4th clipboard if you are also gathering signatures for other petitions.

Using multiple clipboards is just one way to organize your petitions. Whatever helps you keep track of your petition forms, both the ones you've started and the blanks ones, is fine.


Psst! Wanna make your own instead of buying clipboards? Use cutting boards instead: one to hold the petition in place and (optionally) another to use as protection from rain (see below for more ways to protect your signatures). Stiff cardboard also works great!

More things to bring:

Covers to protect the petition forms from rain: Handy ideas are large plastic food storage bags that “zip” or zip bags that mattresses and sheets come in.

A small piece of paper clipped to your clipboard to use to get pens to work, because we CAN NOT make any marks in the margins of these petition forms.

Extra pens (blue or black only)

A pad of paper, to collect email addresses and for scribbling to get pens working.

Your list of towns/cities you've started petition forms for.

Yellow stickie notes to help you organize your forms and keep track of your “numbers.”
Reminder: Do NOT use tape or mark right on the forms. Forms with extraneous marks will be discarded by the state.

Clips to organize your papers, and something to organize sheets for different towns (extra clipboards, an accordion file, or a milk crate) may be helpful.

A cell phone, charged, and a list of phone numbers: 978 808 7173 (Terra), and whoever you may be coordinating with in your region.

Bring some handouts for the public.

  • PassMassAmendment flyers
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • a list of all Massachusetts legislators and their contact information.
  • extra Quick-Start Guides for signers who are interested in petitioning for PassMassAmendment on their own, but don't need the more comprehensive version.

List of Senate Members.docx

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