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Here are some more sign ideas for stand outs, tabling, petitioning, etc. Scroll down to the bottom for a few printable signs that pack a punch!


Susan's Standout Sign! A little ladder!…………………………….. J.Barr in Harvard Square! Action shot by Bil Lewis!

What a great idea! YOU HAVE A VOICE!


Janet getting mobile with her signs!.

Noel at the Helm.jpg

Noel at the HONK! festival. A table AND signs! Woo hoo! This is a setup that Terra uses

AND her “standout table”! (people like these little tables…….for big festivals…it all goes on the rolling luggage cart. She's got extra wooden signs because they can lean over and sign easier) Go Janet!…….. and a few more of the red/white/blue signs…


Nancy with her “mobile sign”… Go Nancy!.


Jbarr with James Madison (aka our very own Bil Lewis!). Go team! Bil has an interesting and very mobile method for collecting. His “standout sign” is on his “bag,” and he stops people that way! He's got all the towns sorted in the bag!

Robin made this up for the Our Revolution Worcester tabling:



Jim's got a little table (see on the left) with plastic signs taped to the front and the sides AND a little cardboard sign that sits out in the walkway to catch people's attention. THEN he walks around talking to people! Brilliant!

PRINT the following and bring them along, tape them to your table, put a plastic cover on them and tie them to your knapsack…whatever you like!


Get $ out of Politics.docx

We the Corporations.docx

Volunteer to Petition.docx

Tape them to your table, put them on the bottom of your clipboards, whatever you like. I like to make them small enough that they are easily portable. Of course, you can make the stand out sign that we show you here, one that stands up on it's own!

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