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We were using this sign for meetings and realized that it would be useful at petitioning sites.
You can make one and add it to your Petitioning Kit. IT WORKS GREAT!

Even when you're just sitting and resting, people just walk up and ask to sign! It gives people a “focal point” and it's super easy-mobile. More agile than a table.

Also, see OTHER STANDOUT SIGNS people are using.

Steps for making your own sign are below, but first some photos to share:

IMG_6247 Terra 1 for Wiki.JPG

A typical petitioner in action: “Are you a Massachusetts registered voter? Will you please sign our petition?” Note the cardboard sign, which “catches the eyes” of people walking past.

IMG_6253 Sign Front for Wiki.JPG

A close-up view.

IMG_6254 Sign Unfolded for Wiki.JPG

The sign, unfolded.

5 steps to making your own cool sign!

1. Find a good-sized box and cut through one corner of the box, from the top to the bottom, leaving the rest of the box intact. This allows one wall of the box to fold under to make the base (see below).

  • Unlike in the pictures used here, wait to print on it until after you've constructed it. Unless you have the visual-spacial skills of a goddess, it's much easier this way. (These photos were taken using already-constructed sign, so please try to imagine that there is no printing on it.)

2. Cut off the flaps.

3. Fold it up, so that it makes a triangle by tucking the fourth side behind.

IMG_6255 Sign Folding for Wiki.JPG

IMG_6256 Sign Folding 2 for Wiki.JPG

4. Fasten it together with a binder clip. It's tempting to use tape, but a clip allows you to disassemble the sign for easy portability.

IMG_6258 Sign Folding 4 for Wiki.JPG

5. Now write on it!

  • NB: If I (Terra) were to do mine over, I would put “sign here!” on it.
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