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PETITIONING HAS BEGUN! Below are drop sites that will have printed forms available (NOTE for each locations below, IF THE PETITIONS ARE “AVAILABLE NOW” as we get petitions to those sites). If you want to be drop site, let us know! we'll mail you forms. If you want to PRINT your forms, pls do.

This year, we have til November 22nd to deliver ALL signatures forms to Town Clerks around the state. That means if you're not delivering them yourselves, they have to be mailed or dropped off to us by November 15th.

The list of drop sites where you will be able to pick up printed petition forms and deliver completed forms (please contact the person FIRST before going, because we are not sure exactly when printed forms will be available, and what locations:

If there isn't a site that's convenient, please let us know, and we'll send you some. Please contact us at 978 808 7173

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