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Watch this SHORT video of the 2014 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention endorsing PassMassAmendment
See OTHER endorsements here!

Thousands of delegates voted to endorse and to encourage Democrats around the state to help petition this fall.
That's the PassMass banner to the right of the stage.

Yeah, you might have given up hope in political parties, and yeah, this is a “cross-aisle” (bi-partisan) issue, but dang, it was great to be there and have this group dancing in the aisles after this was read:

Here is what the Convention voted:

//"**WHEREAS** the Massachusetts Constitution's main intent is to promote the Common Good and strengthen the Social Compact;//

//**WHEREAS** the Citizens of Massachusetts are alarmed by the unbridled greed, disrespect for the environment and the audacity of the idea that corporations have any constitutional rights, is cause for action;//

//**WHEREAS** the Citizens of Massachusetts feel that to protect their state, they must embark upon a ballot initiative to ensure that governance of their state reflects The People's wishes://

//**BE IT RESOLVED** that the 2014 Convention of the Massachusetts Democratic Party endorse PassMassAmendment's ballot initiative to amend the Massachusetts Constitution based on "Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech".//

//**BE IT RESOLVED** that we encourage leaders and activists of good will to petition this fall to help get enough signatures to put this question on the ballot.//

//**BE IT RESOLVED** that copies of this resolution be sent to all appropriate media."//


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