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We, the people of Massachusetts, can amend our state constitution. And that's what we're being called to do.

To make sure there's no confusion in the Commonwealth of Mass., we want to clarify that “Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech.” It is necessary to be clear that, at least in Massachusetts, corporations do not have constitutional rights as do people. We believe that it is necessary to clarify that constitutional rights are reserved for human beings.

Why is this important?

Over the last century and more, the people have been losing their influence over the democratic process. We believe that the root of this issue is the corrupting influence of money in our political process. Large, multinational corporations claim that because they have constitutional rights to “free speech” and that money is considered “free speech,” that they can spend as much money on elections as they want.

Therefore, without this clarification, bills and ballot questions that are currently viewed to restrict corporations can not easily move forward. This is due to a false understanding that corporations have inalienable constitutional rights. By clarifying that corporations, at least in Massachusetts, do not have constitutional rights, we will be able to more easily reduce the amount of Big Money in our elections.

Fighting the Good Fight

Let it be known that amending the longest lasting document of its kind should not be easy. But we are prepared to take this journey. This is because as long as money is such a corrupting influence on our political process, many important issues will not be resolved to our satisfaction.

We come from Massachusetts, a state that led the way in one Revolution and is now being called upon to lead the way in another. Let us help Massachusetts achieve another first for the good guys by passing this Amendment to our Constitution.

To be able to accomplish this lofty goal, we need your help.

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