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The ballot initiative that we choose each year involves collecting signatures (petitioning) to get our questions on the ballot.

  • Petitioning is:
  • citizen action to make real change!
  • the act of gathering signatures from voters.
  • how we get ballot questions to the voters.

Our aim is to use the ballot to make law and to amend the state constitution.

Unlike many advocacy groups, our ballot initiatives use the state's legally binding petition process, which gathers signatures only from registered voters.

The 2020 petitioning season has begun!

We have filed our petition with the state

In prior years, the state's Attorney General has declined to “certify” our petition claiming that “Corporations Are People”! She didn't say that whe she was running for office! But nonetheless… Click here for her "declination letter" informing us of her refusal to certify our petition as “legal”. And click here for our response.

Click here for more about how petitioning works.


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