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UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Our webserver changed and the links to our Google calendar no longer work. Please contact us if you want to know what we're doing. Sorry for the trouble...

This calendar lists events that we think are going to have a lot of potential signers. We encourage you to go to these events and gather signatures!

Do you see an event (or more) where you plan on petitioning for PassMass? That's GREAT! If you'd like other PassMass petitioners there, let us know: Email us at Tell us if you're comfortable with us listing your name and contact information on the calendar entry. Otherwise, we'll provide our email address and 978 808 7173 as a default.

If the entry reads “suggested site,” that means that no one has contacted us about their plans to attend. (There may be a PassMass person there, but we don't know.) If it does NOT say “suggested site”, then you will be able to find a PassMass person onsite. The contact info for the person committed to the event should be listed in the google calendar event listing below. Just click on the event to see if the event is a “suggested site”, or if a PassMass person has confirmed to be onsite at the event.

If you want to plan a group standout, please email In other words, if you're going out to petition in an area where there will be a lot of people and you need help, please let us know. Festivals, large public gatherings, etc. all could use a bunch of us!

And while you're here, see our new timeline for participants. Just scroll down!

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