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[2023: we are not currently publishing our newsletter]

here's an example of an old one:

Welcome to the web version of our email newsletter archive. See below for information we've sent out in the past on our bills and other ways you can help progress our work!

Petitioning with PassMassAmendment has begun! We aim to reduce the influence of out-of-state money in our elections! Join us at HEMPFEST on the Boston Common this weekend! we can get thousands of signatures each day! it's a HUGE opportunity for us, but we need enough people to hold clipboards and help get signatures!

The 9-week push for signatures has begun!

GATHER SIGNATURES NOW! while the weather is still nice!

Warm up your clipboards and test your pens, because we’re going to need your help in gathering 90,000 signatures in support of our newest ballot initiative campaign. The law we are gathering signatures for, if passed, reduces the amount of money that non-residents of Massachusetts can spend on elections and ballot initiatives in Massachusetts.This ballot initiative corresponds to our legislative bill H3484, which is in the statehouse right now.

The signatures you gather bring us closer to this becoming a question on the ballot for the people to vote on directly. And they send a strong message to our legislators that we’re sick of so much out-of-state money corrupting the democratic process!

Please do what you can!

•Think you have no time to help? Remember, every little bit counts. Really!

•Gathering signatures not your thing? Vital behind-the-scenes work awaits you.

Check our website for the information and materials you’ll need.

Do you just get our monthly announcements? Do you welcome more frequent contact? “Yes,” you say? That’s great! Sign up for our Action List. Go to our CONTACT! page and scroll down for options. Or just email us! We’d love to hear from you.

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