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State/Federal Elected Officials who have endorsed our ballot initiative work to amend the State Constitution, based on "Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech"

1. U. S. Congress

In order, by date of endorsement:

- Jim McGovern - 2nd District ( Here is the US Consitutional Amendment he filed.)

- Katherine M. Clark - 5th District

- Niki Tsongas - 3rd District

2. State Representatives

In order, by date of endorsement:

- Cory Atkins - 14th Middlesex District

- Ellen Story - 3rd Hampshire District (Here is her endorsement letter.)

- Denise Provost - 27th Middlesex District, Somerville (Here is her endorsement letter.)

- Timothy J. Toomey Jr - 26th Middlesex District, Cambridge

- Sean Garballey, 23rd Middlesex District, Arlington (Here is his endorsement letter.)

- Jennifer Benson, 37th Middlesex District

- Harold P. Naughton, Jr Clinton

- Chris Walsh, Framingham

- Danielle Gregoire, 4th Middlesex (Marlborough, Westborough, Northborough)

- Stephen Kulik, 1st Franklin

- David Rogers, 24th Middlesex (Arlington)

- Jay R. Kaufman, 15th Middlesex (Lexington)

- David Linsky, (Natick)

- Tom Sannicandro, D 7th Middlesex (Ashland)

- John Mahoney, D 13th (Worcester)

- Michael Day, (Winchester/Stoneham)

- Liz Malia, (Boston)

3. State Senators

In order, by date of endorsement:

- Karen E. Spilka, Majority Whip D (Ashland)

- Benjamin Downing, D (Hampshire, Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden)

- Kenneth J Donnelly, D (Arlington)

- Michael Barrett, - D - 3rd Middlesex

- Jason M Lewis, - D - 31st Middlesex (Here is his endorsement letter.)

- Patricia D. Jehlen, - D - 2nd Middlesex (Somerville)

- Joseph A. Boncore - D - 1st Suffolk and Middlesex (Cambridge, Revere, Winthrop)

Total state legislators endorsing PassMassAmendment: 24

4. __Former__ State Representatives

In order, by date of endorsement:

- Katherine M. Clark Senator/Congressperson D (Melrose)

- Carl Sciortino, 34th Middlesex (Medford & Somerville)

- Barry R. Finegold Senator D (Andover)

- Richard T Moore D (Worcester/Norfolk)

- Tom Conroy

5. 2014 Democratic State Convention (See the video here!)

6. 2014 Democratic Massachusetts Gubernatorial Candidates

- Don Berwick (endorsed May 2014)

- Steve Grossman (endorsed August 2014)

- Martha Coakley, at the time of her 2014 gubernatorial candidacy, as Attorney General of Massachusetts, was not allowed to take a position on a ballot initiative. But it is our understanding that she is fully supportive of “Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech” and went so far as to remind the Legislature that they could amend the Massachusetts Constitution on its own outside the petition process, as proposed in our amendment language.

7. Other Notable Supporters

Noam Chomsky

Mike Dukakis

Bill McKibben, Founder of

Assabet River Valley Chapter of the Green Rainbow Party

Cape Cod Massachusetts Chapter, Move to Amend

Cathedral Church of St. Paul, Boston

Greater-Boston Chapter of the Green-Rainbow Party

Ironworkers Local 7


North Shore Massachusetts Chapter, Move to Amend

Occupy Falmouth

Occupy Natick

Occupy Winchester (Here is their endorsement.)

Ojai California Chapter, Move To Amend (Here is their endorsement.)

Pioneer Valley Labor Council

The Somist Institute, led by Dr Carmine Gorga


Bruce R. Taub, Cape Cod Move to Amend, Progressive Democrats of America

Julius (Jules) Levine, Professor of Law at Boston University and practicing attorney

Daniel L.Factor Esq., Assabet Valley Chapter of the Green Rainbow Party

Notable Quotes about PassMassAmendment by Constitutional Lawyers from Massachusetts:

“As a Constitutional lawyer, I support the right of the people to use the initiative process to protect Constitutional rights, which are for human beings, not corporations,.” John Bonifaz, Free Speech For People

“This debate should not be foreclosed in Massachusetts if there is a sufficient will of the people to bring the question to the ballot by initiative. An unduly broad reading of Article 48’s excluded matters, particularly in the absence of guidance from the Supreme Judicial Court, threatens to do just that.” Jeff Clements (ex-Attorney General, Massachusetts), from the memohe wrote to the sitting Massachusetts Attorney General (Martha Coakley via Peter Sacks) on the matter of decertification of the PassMassAmendment ballot initiative.

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