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UPCOMING Meeting Agenda Coordinator: Patty


*SATURDAY, 2/13/16, 4-6 P.M.*


1. Brief Check-in – 1 minute or 1 sentence each

2. Select Note Taker for today's meeting

3. Review and approve agenda, including, additions and what order things
will be taken in.

4. Go over proposed agreements for meeting, see here (same as from our
recent facilitated meetings)

5. Presentation of provisional decision making process, see below, from
Chris's notes

6. Sort through the list of TBD, see here, from Chris's notes. - Which
ones, if any, can we decide now and which ones need to be taken up in the
process of developing proposed by-laws

7.Go over briefly what we have in writing to work with so far in terms of ideas for by laws. If you are reading this on the wiki, you have access to everything that went out by email, attached to this agenda, in early February 2016. If anyone has access to anything to add, please circulate it ASAP and bring some hard copies to the 2/13/16 meeting too. - Thanks

8. Old business:

- Make an agreement about who is going to work on proposed bylaws.
- Make a decision about PMA's relationship to UU Mass Action

1. New business:

2. Other Items?
PROPOSED ITEM: do we petition or not this year?

3. Select next meeting date/location and an agenda coordinator,
facilitator, & note taker – 10 minutes
4. Brief Check-out - 1 minute or 1 sentence each -

BELOW HERE IS OLD STUFF for reference only

THis was the meeting agenda for the last in person meeting.

1:00-1:05 intros
1:05-1:15 accept agenda

1:15-1:30 Janet’s report and proposal on a professional facilitator
1:30-3:00 bylaw discussion (no decisions, just sharing of ideas/information)
1:30 structure/content, what is needed in a bylaw document
2:00 principles, what do we stand for
2:30 sociocracy intro
2:45 process, what are the nitty-gritty steps
3:15-3:30 Patty's summary of petitioning results
3:30-3:45 Statehouse update
3:45-5:00 PARTY/FOOD

Drafted by Terra, Proposed mods by Janet, Terra's OK with it. No other objections, except a couple suggested additions:

- newly proposed items for agenda:

a. Patty's asking that an Intro to Sociocracy be added to the discussion. I'm thinking like 15 minutes? but not sure “where”…perhaps in the process discussion? but then it doesn't leave room for other process ideas… comments anyone?

b. Petition forms… Essex County? Lowell region? Patty doesn't have all the forms

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