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*For 2/13 Agenda # 4. - Proposed Agreements (for meeting)*

1. We will speak for ourselves. We won’t try to represent a whole group, and we will not ask others to represent, defend, or explain an

2. We will avoid making grand pronouncements and, instead, connect what we know and believe to our experiences, influences in our lives, particular sources of information, etc.

3. We will listen with resilience, “hanging in” when we hear something that is hard to hear and making an active effort to understand and consider other points of view.

4. We will share airtime and refrain from interrupting others.

5. We will refrain from characterizing the views of others in a critical spirit, keeping in mind that we’re here to understand each other, not to persuade each other.

6. We will “pass” or “pass for now” if we are not ready or willing to respond to a question. No explanation required.

7. If asked to keep something confidential, we will honor the request. In conversations outside of the group we won't attribute particular statements to particular individuals by name or identifying information without permission.

8. We will avoid making negative attributions about the beliefs, values, and motives of other participants, like “You only say that because…”. When tempted to do so, we’ll consider the possibility of testing the assumption we’re making by asking a question, like “Why is that important to you?” We also will look for opportunities to appreciate other participants.

9. We will refrain from using communication technology. We will turn off cellphones, refrain from checking e-mails or social media and refrain from posting on the Internet during these sessions.

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