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This is the page for proposed agenda items for our next meeting (July 13th):

- Go over status on Allies action items (progress on endorsements)
- Go over status on Action Items
- Facebook adds, any new ones?
- Twitter: How's the new team working?
- New Press Release? what would it say?
- Google Forms, they are working, could use them for something else
- commitments from petitioners
— go over list, calcs…we're at 30%!!!
— get # hours? # of sigs? how many is reasonable?
- $ fundraising
- proposed FAQs NEED ONE PAGE
- get a checklist of what items are in “the package” for petitioners
— one page RULES
— “how to petition”
—- legal discussion
—- list of State Senators
—- list of State Reps
- NEED one pager…see the two page from the wiki, make ONE PAGE

OPEN ITEMS from last time
Terra/Nick (and anyone else that wants to work on graphical stuff):
- prepare graphical timeline
- prepare graphical petition process diagram
PRINT for meeting:
- action items
- allies
- ballot booklet pertinent pages
- Free Speech for people FAQs

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