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This is the page to track who is doing what Ally Development:
(more to come…i haven't typed in all of the notes yet)

Link to our Current endorsements

State Reps:
- All: we all ask our own to endorse
- Plus Nick is working the Statehouse. If you want to do what with him or on your own coordinate directly with him.
- Terra to follow up, re Capuano

Statehouse: Nick/Gina
Dems, NorthWest Middlesex (Terra's Team)
Dems, Eastern Middlesex (Patty/Gina)
Dems, SouthMiddlesex (Laura)
Dems, Central/Worcester (Janet)
Dems, North (Nick)

Acton Area: Terra booked to go to Maynard meeting w/Mike
Cambridge? Bil?
Wellesley? Tim?
Tea Party, Worcester
Tea Party, Constitutional Study Group (Laura)

- Mike to send out PMA announcement to the statewide list (BALLOU Charming Network)
- Mike will contact local UUs (not Rachel) will contact head of social justice group of Bridgwater
- Fred Small (Harvard Square): Ken said he isn't likely to do anything. Ken will try some other person.

- Erika to see if we can get in at UMass
- Terra to check if Mazen can get us into Harvard or BU. Mazen wrote back that he and friends are working with WolfPAC. Wrote to them, they responded with interest in collaborating. I wrote back asking for next meeting.

- Local 350 organizers, Sarah Byrne,on agenda for August 21 (Nick's going) REPORT?
- Local 350 organizers, Eli: Terra sent letter, he's not interested SENT McKIBBEN letter
350MA, JP (Jim)
350MA, MetroWest (Terra)
340MA, Cambridge (Bil?)
350MA, Worcester (Janet?)
250MA, North Shore (Nick)

JP Transition
JP Forum (Jim)
Occupy Natick (Laura)
Occupy Salem

Unions: Nick
- stewards to hand out flyers to look for petitioners
- Tim Sullivan
- Labor Council Meeting agenda DID THIS HAPPEN?
- will send Facebook page to lists DID THIS HAPPEN?
- Building Trades agenda DID THIS HAPPEN?
- SEIU: no go?
- Labor Guild: (not sure how this is different from Labor Council)

Move to Amend:
- Greater Boston: Nick, to attend meetings…nix that, Steve K?
- North Shore: Nick, will follow up with people from Shift Change meeting
- MTA Northhampton: Terra talked to Daniel. They are inactive, but he'll look at the docs and see if he can endorse personally.
- Central MA: Terra spoke to John Adams. He says “he's MTA Central MA”, sent email. he's decide after talking to Lee (so no go probably) 978 251 7933
- Lynn Posner 413 229 6645

Veterans For Peace:
- Nick to work w/Laura Holk to get on fall agenda
- Joe (Ken's friend) will help too

City Life: Terra on Sept 3, 7 pm

Protest Chaplains:
- Mike's friend did the website. Mike will contact him.
- Terra will ask Eden for connect [TF: wrote to her]

Free Speech for People:
- Terra/Nick talked to Peter Shurman. Waiting for their answer.

- Nick, to find Bill Downing's email address, will call, or get Terra another email address
- Terra to put them on announcement list and to get them the links

- Frank to contact John Birch, Tea Party
- Nick to contact Matt from Worcester Tea Party
- Terra to followup with Christine

Occupy Berkshires - John Root, Paul Schack, organizing stuff. Sept 18th, who can go?
Occupy Falmouth - Sept 9th Terra and Nick
Occupy Winchester - Terra went, got some people
Occupy Salem ; Sue Kirby: Nick

Green Peace: Mike, to make initial contact
Sierra Club: Mike, to make initial contact
Boston Interfaith Network: Mike to make contact, waiting for friend to give him the contact
Social Justice League: Sullivan? Mike?

Massachustts Senior Action Council, Carolyn Villars. they got into the globe about a protest forMBTA fare hikes that keep seniors “prisoners in their own homes”. Terra wrote email

Human Rights City Boston August 24th Ice Cream Social, can someone go?

Old notes:
Joe has contact w/Labor Guild


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