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Feb 2017 UPDATE: they did NOT vote on our bills!!! so we refilled this session. Pls urge them to progress H63!


Bills in the State House – PMA Tuesday January 3rd 2017

State House Rally - 12:30 pm, Joint Session - 1 pm House Chambers

RALLY AT THE STATEHOUSE JAN. 3, 2017 for the LAST State Constitutional Convention of the 189th Leg. Session
SUPPORT the PassMass Bills (H933 and S53) and ask the Convention to bring the matter to the floor and VOTE YES! to amend the Massachusetts Constitution, based on “Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech”.


PassMassAmendment [PMA] and its supporters will be in front of the State House at Noon on Wed. October 21st, an hour before the 1pm State Constitutional Convention, a joint session in the House Chambers.

Voters Putting Pressure on Officials to Get PMA-based Amendments to House Floor

PassMassAmendment [PMA] is urging residents of the Commonwealth and their elected representatives on Beacon Hill to actively support two Bills* in the Massachusetts Legislature which are based on the PassMassAmendment ballot initiative. Like the PMA citizen’s initiative, these bills also propose to amend the State Constitution relative to corporate rights and political spending. Both S_53 and H_933 declare “Corporations Are Not People, and may be regulated. Money Is Not Speech, and may be regulated.”

The MA Legislature has the power to amend the State Constitution without a citizens’ initiative petition; but the People of the Commonwealth must put pressure on their representatives and push them to take up this critical issue. Many voters are frustrated with politics and feel powerless to effect change. The two days of action have been scheduled to encourage individuals to voice their concern for the status quo and empower them to ask for an electoral process which more fairly represents all constituents. PMA believes that the many voices of ordinary people have the power to make democracy work for the common good, and lead the Nation to salvage what remains of its representative democracy; therefore, PMA is pursuing this two-pronged approach.

What else do we DO at these Statehouse Days, besides rally? Click here for more info, or contact Gina below...

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Further information/questions about this ballot initiative may be addressed to: info “at” For volunteer opportunities, contact Terra at 978 - 808 - 7173.


PassMassAmendment [PMA] is a citizen-based ballot initiative committee, the people exercising their Constitutional Rights to amend and clarify our State Constitution – via both petition and the legislative process - to reign in the corrupting influence of excessive corporate power and money in our Commonwealth.

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*Bills filed for a MA Constitutional Amendment in the State House this session:

S_53 – Senator Ken Donnelly

Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution relative to corporate rights and political spending.

H_933 – Representatives Dave Rogers & Paul Marks

Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution to declare that corporations are not people, money is not speech.

Gina Sonder - PMA State House Co-ordinator

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