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[2023: we are not currently engaged in a ballot initiative, but provide the info below for historical purposes]

Be part of a grassroots effort to help make new law.

All petitioning shares the aim of expressing an opinion shared by one group in order to influence decision-making. But not all petitioning is intended and designed to compel the legislature to make new law. PassMassAmendment focuses on making law.

What does the petition drive involve?
Every fall a large group of PMA volunteers follow state-mandated procedures for gathering official petition signatures from registered voters. Our state legislators know that each certified signature is from a registered voter, because we've submitted these signatures for certification by town/city clerks from across the state.

Petitioning takes place from mid-September to mid-November. That’s just 9 weeks between the first day of petitioning to the day they are submitted for certification. (See the time-line below.)

Here’s the challenge: We have to gather 64,750 certified signatures from the registered voters of Massachusetts to move the question to the ballot. Because not all signatures will end up being certified, we aim to gather 90,000 signatures, to have a margin of safety.

Following the state's rules is vital, but not hard. Follow the “How to Petition” link below to learn more the specifics.

We need your help.

There is lots to do, lots of ways to join in:

  • You can sign the petition, gather signatures yourself, and/or coordinate and train other petitioners,
  • Do you like to drive, or enjoy fund-raising? You could help deliver petitions, and help us find in-kind and financial donations.
  • If you are a lawyer, or have a constitutional law back ground, please let us know. Your help may be vital.

Our ranks are diverse.

We’ve had the support of church leaders, business people, union members, Tea Party members and social justice activists. Despite our differences, there's one thing we agree on: Big Money has taken over our democracy, and it's time to put a stop to it!


Here’s the time line:


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