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We have until 5 pm on Wed. November 21nd 2018 to get all signed petitions to the Town Clerks. If you want us to process them, please get them to the Nahant address on the petition form by November 15th.

To hand in signature sheets, DROP OFF or MAIL IN the forms for each TOWN to the respective TOWN CLERK for the Town on that sheet. If you have gathered signatures for towns that you cannot personally deliver to Town Clerks , please get them in the MAIL to the Nahant address on the form, P.O. Box 74; Nahant, MA 01908; by NOVEMBER 15th.

EITHER WAY, it is IMPORTANT that you contact us to let us know how many signatures you're submitting : (email preferred) or 978 808 7173

TO MAIL: petition forms can be mailed directly to the TOWN CLERK, they MUST receive all signed forms AT the Town Hall on or before Nov 23rd. So they should be in the mail by Nov 18th.

TO HAND CARRY: deliveries are accepted up til 5 pm Nov 23rd.

OR get them to a "DROP SITE" by NOVEMBER 15th, which is the same place people can get pre-printed forms.

If you have questions, please ask us at:, 978 808 7173

Please KEEP PETITIONING until the deadline!

PETITIONING HINT: It's a “good strategy” to start petitioning FAR AWAY from your town, so that you can do “your town last” after it's too late to deliver to “remote towns” via mail.


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