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This page is no longer being used. To petition with people, see the CONTACTS BY TOWN page to the right, or look at the calendar for events that show a coordinator, and then contact them directly. OR just email us: or call 978 808 7173


Facebook events page
CALL/EMAIL PETITIONERS TO SEE WHO IS WORKINGin your region, on days you want to petition(or email us ahead of time to make arrangements to meet):Jim, Jamaica Plain 617-755-8748PF, Cambridge pfsoto@mynas.comYuriy, Belmont/Cambridge yuriy.kozlov+pma “at” gmail “dot” comTerra, MetroWest/Cambridge/Bston: 978 808 7173, passmassamendment@gmail.comNick, North of Boston: 781 593 3042,passmassamendment@gmail.comRita, Cape Cod: 857 204 5653Newton: Erika 610-393-6169 erikaupdegrove@gmail.comNewton: David 617 964 2951WESTERN MATurner's Falls/Montague: Diane McAvoy dmcavoy22@sbcglobal.netGreat Barrington (and more!): John: 413 329 3200

if you have an event/festival that you want us to come to, to speak, please let us know.if you want to do a standout on your own, please let us know. we'll give you the info…

NO MORE MEETINGS!It's TIME to HIT THE STREETS!90,000 Signatures by November 20th

BUT if you have an organization that meets regularly that has people interested in gathering signatures, let us know, and we'll arrange for someone to come.

Let's protect our democracy from big business!

Again, it starts in Massachusetts!
Join the Battle of our Age!

See you there!

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