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February 2014
Dear Endorser and/or Legal Advisor,

We at PassMassAmendment are reaching out to thank you for your support of our work in the effort to amend the Massachusetts Constitution based on “Corporations are not People, Money is not Speech.”

Although we fell far short of gathering the amount of signatures needed, we gained experience, knowledge and met a lot of people who hold this issue dear and are looking forward to another chance to gather the needed signatures.

This is a totally grassroots, all volunteer effort and no one gets paid. Near the end of the signature gathering period, we had a meeting with 14 regional coordinators from around the state to coordinate the last details for certification of our signatures. It was during that meeting that a vote was taken. It was unanimous. We would make the attempt again in 2014. The consensus was that this was the most important thing that we could do. This time we will be much better prepared.

We hope that during this coming year you will find happiness and peace of mind in your endeavors.

Thank you again for your support of our work,


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