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This page is for notes to use for making a speech to groups about PassMass, and how to get involved and organize to collect signatures and get support for the legislation.

Hi, I'm _ from PassMassAmendment [remember to say your name and to SMILE!]

PassMassAmendment is network of people intent on using Massachusetts law to make sure government serves the people!

We are engaging in the petition process, because we feel like we have no other option. We've asked our legislators to do something to get Big Money OUT of our elections, and they have not acted.

We've engaged in Statehouse bills and statewide ballot initiative petitions to get Big Money out of our elections. This year we have three efforts: [hand out the FLYERS]

- Amend the Mass. Constitution, based on “Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech”
- Disclose dark money
- Reduce out of state money

We just filed our 2017 petitions with the state based on our Statehouse Bills.

We will receive the printed official petition forms first week of September. We will probably choose the petition to disclose Dark Money, which corresponds to our Statehouse Bill H3559.

Once we get the forms, we'll have about 9 weeks to get signatures from registered voters.
We'll be handing out printed copies as well as distributing a PDF version for people to print themselves and either get signatures or sign and send it in.

How can you help, you ask?

- Help get signatures!
- Coordinate a group in your region!
- Help behind the scenes!

[Hand around the sign up sheet]

It's fun to go out with your friends and get signatures at supermarkets, farmer's markets, anywhere there are people gathering or standing in line in public spaces.

Every signature we get, it helps pressure lawmakers to advance these bills!

WE NEED YOU! If we're going to be THE PEOPLE,we gotta stand up and BE the people!

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