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July 30, 2013



The PassMassAmendment Ballot Initiative (, is a 3+ year process to ask Massachusetts voters to amend (clarify) the state Constitution to declare:
“Corporations Are Not People”
“Money Is Not Speech”

Late last year, we began the formal ballot initiative process with a meeting at the Attorney General’s office of the Commonwealth. We are now organizing petition teams and allies to engage the public to gather 68,911 valid signatures this September 18th through November 20th.

Organizing meetings are being held at The Democracy Center Meeting House ( at Harvard Square.

Once enough signatures are gathered, the Amendment will need 25% of two consecutive Legislative Sessions voting in favor, for it to be on the 2016 Ballot.

The formal language, and the legal discussion can be found at
Over the last century and more, the people have been losing their influence over our democratic process. We believe that the roots of this issue is the corrupting influence of corporations and money on our political process. We have asked our legislators to rectify this. The “Clean Elections Law” passed in 1998 by a 2 to 1 majority by ballot initiative. But our legislators refused to fund it and ended it by voice vote. We have passed resolutions around the state asking our legislators to act to amend the US Constitution to rectify this.

They have not acted.As a result, we believe that it's time for citizens to act. Absent of action by our legislators, we intend to amend (clarify) the Massachusetts Constitution ourselves.

Endorsed by:
US Rep
State Reps
Other (in order of appearance):

PRESS CONTACT: Terra Friedrichs 978 808 7173 terraf “at” compuserve

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