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Script for PassMass calls 2015 SMILE when you talk. Sit up straight, breathe.
Hi _! I am .
Your friend
suggested I call you. They believe you can help me.
[Or we learned that you were interested in our project, because you signed up at
meeting/rally/outside xyz bookshop/grocery store, etc]

Is this a good time to talk, for a few minutes? (when might be a better time? I will call you back then.)
I am a volunteer (Town) coordinator with the Pass Mass Amendment organization, which is working to place a ballot initiative requesting amendment of the Massachusetts State Constitution. This is a first step in getting Big Money Out of our elections.
It seems that you're interested in helping. I'm calling to see how you might help.
: How familiar are you with the effects of corporate money in our political system?
IF VERY FAMILIAR, skip to the Close…
Since the Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision, there has been a lot of Big Money donated to the political process by Corporations, PACs and wealthy individuals.
This money gives these groups a far greater voice in the way our government works. Because they can spend so much more money than the rest of us, they are given a greater political voice than you and I have.
: Are you concerned about corporate involvement in political process? Have you seen the difference in your town, in our state?
It seems as you want to have a bigger voice in this discussion….

Close the connection with PassMass with exchange below.

We aren’t asking for money here. What we need most is a few hours of your time. Already we have over 30 state legislators and a long list of organizations endorsing PassMass, including business leaders. Now we're building teams locally, and we need your help…
We need volunteers in (your Town) to collect citizen’s signatures later this year. Can you help for a few hours, getting signatures in front of the local grocery or other popular locale?
We can meet and talk about the process, if you like. Or please come to our meeting on
Visit to check it out.
I can send information about the process to you.
Can we count on you to help in this critical effort to fix our political system?
Thank you!

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