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Here's how YOU can help GET BIG MONEY OUT!

There is always some way to help! In the spring, we are usually focused on filing and advocating for and educating about legislative bills at the Statehouse and around the state with legislators and constituents. In the summer, we start organizing to petition in the fall. Please contact us to see what we are doing this month.

Here are some specific ways to help:

  • Organize in your region: We need help organizing each town around the state. Can you be a point of contact in your town? Can you gather up a few people to help? Can you get us on the agenda of your local civic group? Host a meeting? If so, please let us know!

  • Come to a meeting! NOTE: Our meetings are adjourned during the petition period and will resume in December.

  1. Support our bills!
  2. Endorse the PassMassAmendment ballot initiative. Call or send a letter requesting endorsement of PassMassAmendment. Here is a sample endorsement request.

  • Ask your civic group to help: Are you part of a UU Church? A local Democratic Town Committee? The League of Women Voters? These groups want to help, but we need you to stand up and ask them to put PassMassAmendment on the agenda. And please let us know when these meetings will take place!

  • Use your 21st century media skills: Are you skilled with social media? Does working with Google forms and similar things make you happy? Do you blog? How about skills in using the media to let people know what we are doing? We could use your help! Please contact us (see below).

  • Petitioning! Gather signatures next fall!. Gathering signatures is how we can get this done ourselves! We are building a statewide network of petitioners. And even if we don't get enough signatures to get the question on the ballot, by gathering signatures, we use the signatures to pressure the Legislature to act! We can only gather signatures in the fall. So please plan to carve out some time to help.

  • If you'd like to make a financial contribution, here's how.


Terra Friedrichs:
Petitioning team coordination, press/media, etc.; Acton/MetroWest ,
info “at”, and
terraf “at” compuserve dot com
978 808 7173

Nick Bokron:
Finance, legal, administration, etc.; Nahant/North Shore
nbokron “at” gmail
781 715 7822

Page updated September 13, 2017.

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