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This page is a collection of resolutions that were voted on at the town level in Massachusetts. That so many towns want an amendment tell us a lot. If you notice that we're missing any, please let us know at Amherst Resolution 5-7-12.pdf

Aquinnah Resolution 5-8-12.pdf

Arlington Resolution

Ashburnham Resolution 5-4-13.pdf

Ashfield Resolution 5-5-12.pdf

Bernardston Resolution

Boston City Council Resolution 2-27-12.pdf

Boxborough Resolution

Brewster Resolution 5-3-11.pdf

Brookline Resolution

Buckland Resolution 5-9-12.pdf

Burlington Resolution

Cambridge City Council

Charlemont Resolution 5-22-12.pdf

Chatham Resolution 5-9-11.pdf

Chilmark Resolution

Colrain Resolution

Concord Resolution

Conway Resolution 5-14-12.pdf

Cummington Resolution

Deerfield Resolution

Dennis Resolution 5-10-11.pdf

Edgarton Resolution 4-10-12.pdf

Essex Resolution 5-7-13.pdf

Falmouth Resolution 4-5-12.pdf

Framingham Resolution 4-24-12.pdf

Gloucester City Council 10-9-12.pdf

Great Barrington Resolution

Lanesborough Resolution 5-1-11.pdf

Lenox Resolution 6-20-12.pdf


Lincoln Resolution

Lynn City Council Resolution

Medway Resolution

Methuen City Council Resolution 8-6-12.pdf

Monson Resolution

Montague Resolution

Monterey Resolution 5-5-12.pdf

Natick Resolution 4-12-12.pdf

Needham Resolution 5-14-12.pdf

Needham Resolution 5-14-12.pdf

Newbury Resolution

Newburyport City Council Resolution 3-27-12.pdf

Newton Board of Selectmen Resolution 7-9-12.pdf

Northampton City Council Resolutions

Oak Bluffs Resolution 4-12-12.pdf

Orleans Resolution 5-9-11.pdf

Otis Resolution

Oxford Resolution 5-8-13.pdf

Pelham Resolution 5-5-12.pdf

Pittsfield City Council Resolution 8-14-12.pdf

Provincetown Resolution

Quincy City Council Resolution 6-4-12.pdf

Reading Resolution

Richmond Resolution 5-23-12.pdf

Rockport Resolution

Rowe Resolution 5-14-12.pdf

Salem City Council Resolution

Sandwich Resolution

Saugus Resolution 5-6-2013.pdf

Scituate Resolution

Sharon Resolution

Sheffield Resolution

Shelburne Resolution 5-7-12.pdf

Shutesbury Resolution

Somerset Resolution 5-21-12.pdf

Somerville Board of Selectmen Resolution

Springfield City Council Resolution 7-16-12.pdf

Stockbridge Resolution 5-25-12.pdf

Stoughton Board of Selectmen Resolution

Swampscott Resolution 5-7-12.pdf

Tisbury Resolution 4-10-12.pdf

Truro Resolution 4-26-11.pdf

Warren Resolution 5-8-12.pdf

Warwick Resolution 5-7-12.pdf

Watertown Town Council Resolution

Wellfleet Resolution 4-26-11.pdf

Wendell Resolution 6-4-12.pdf

West Brookfield Resolution 10-16-12.pdf

West Newbury Resolution 4-30-12.pdf

West Tisbury Resolution 4-10-12, 5-9-12.pdf

Westport Resolution 5-1-12.pdf

Williamstown Resolution 5-17-11.pdf

Worcester City Council Resolution

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