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 +{{ :​timeline_street_level.pdf|Timeline,​ Street Level.pdf}}\\ ​
 +  ​
 +  ​
 +  ​
 +\\ \\  AFTER the petitioning,​ then the STATE has about a month to "​certify"​ the signatures.\\ ​ IF we have enough, THEN a process starts whereby the Statehouse has to decide if the question can go on the ballot.\\ ​ First stop, the Supreme Judicial Court, where we expect the 30 minute hearing to end in success\\ ​ Next stop, the Legislature,​ where we need 25%, in TWO CONSECUTIVE SESSIONS of the Legislature...with an election in between.\\ ​ Yes, it's cumbersome and long...but amending the Constitution SHOULD be hard, right?​\\ ​ Either way, we feel we have no choice and this is what we're doing...\\ ​ We believe that we'll get FAR more than 25%, already we have more than 40 Legislators endorsing... another 10, and we'll have our 25%.
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