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 + Heavy organizers / petitioners\\ \\ \\  Hi ...\\ \\  We want to thank you for your incredible efforts this past year. PassMassAmendment has taken on a life of its own, and it's really inspiring for us that you have helped make that possible. We fell far short of gathering the amount of signatures needed, but, we did gain experience, knowledge and met a lot of people who hold this issue dear and are looking forward to another chance to gather the needed signatures. This time we will be much better prepared because of your help.\\ \\  Your skills and tenacity in organizing people from all walks to life is amazing. The care which you express in working with a large fast moving group has been stunning. And we are honored to be able to work with you.\\ \\  Hopefully during this coming New Year you will find happiness and peace of mind in your endeavors. Thank you for being part of this journey.\\ \\  Thank You,\\ \\  Nick and Terra
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