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 + The Massachusetts Constitution remains the oldest, functioning,​ written Constitution in the world. It was not as easy as most people think. In 1777, the General Court resolved itself into a Constitutional Convention, proposed a Constitution,​ put it to the people for a vote and it was defeated 9,972 to 2,083. The main issue was that rights for the citizens were not included. Essex County had convened a Constitutional Convention in Ipswich, referred to as "The Essex Result"​ which started by stating that a Constitution should be focused on popular sovereignty and natural rights, which had highlighted this discrepancy. This all resulted in a change of format. The people would vote on the delegates to represent them in a new Constitutional Convention. During this time, Massachusetts favorite son, John Adams had returned from Europe. This all resulted in a new Constitution being proposed and accepted on June 15th, 1780.\\ ​ In the first paragraph of the Preamble to the Massachusetts Constitution,​ the citizens are given the right to alter Government. It was not until 1917 when the people were rising up against the corporate overlords and invisible government, that a Constitutional Convention was called for. The Initiative and Referendum amendment was a result, which finally gave the citizens the vehicle to alter their Government, which we are using to try to take back control of our lives.
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