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 +====== ​  ​====== 
 +====== Dear [legislator’s title and last name]: ====== 
 +\\ **As a Massachusetts voter, I'm writing to ask you to support Bill H.63, "​Proposal for a legislative amendment to the Constitution to declare that “corporations are not people, money is not speech"​.” Bill H.63 was filed by Representative Paul Mark, and is being reviewed by the Joint Committee on the Judiciary. Please urge this Committee to get H.63 out of committee and onto the floor for a vote.**\\ \\  
 +====== Also, please support Bills H.3484 and H.3559. These bills would help reduce the amount of political contributions by out-of-state interests and foreign nationals, respectively. Bills H.3484 and H.3559 will be reviewed by the Joint Committee on Election Laws. ====== 
 +====== These bills were inspired by PassMassAmendment. PMA is an all-volunteer grassroots citizen group. ====== 
 +====== I am asking you to add your voice in support of our Commonwealth'​s taking the lead in stopping big money'​s negative influence on our political system. Thank you for all that you have already done and will do to support our democratic process. ====== 
 +====== Name ====== 
 +====== Street Address ====== 
 +====== Town ======
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