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 + ​PETITIONER CHECKLIST\\ \\  This is a list of "​stuff"​ that we recommend you take to "the field":​\\ \\  - PETITION FORMS (bring'​ll be glad, and people may want to take some so they can bring LOTS)click here to find out [[pick-up_petitions|WHERE TO GET PETITION FORMS]]click here if you can do 2-sided printing and want to [[print_your_own_petition|PRINT YOUR OWN]]\\ ​
 +\\  - 3 CLIPBOARDS (or large strong pads of paper that you can clip things to)\\ 
 +  * --- 1 primary clipboard for the forms for the town you're in and the nearby towns
 +  * --- 2nd clipboard for "other towns"
 +  * --- 3rd clipboard for email sign up list
 +  * --- 4th clipboard if you are also gathering sigs for other petitions
 +\\  CLIP ON A SMALL PIECE OF PAPER to scribble to get pens to work.\\ \\  - EXTRA PENS (dark blue/​black)\\ ​ - A PAD OF PAPER (to collect email addresses and to scribble to get pens working)\\ ​ - YELLOW STICKIES (//__**NO TAPE**__//​...forms w/marks will be DISCARDED by the state) (you can use the stickies to help sort the forms by town, because NO OTHER MARKS are allowed on the forms, except the signatures, their addresses and the town)-\\ \\  CLIPS to organize the papers, especially useful if it’s windy.\\ ​ A milkcrate or other way to organize sheets for different towns may be helpful.\\ \\  - CELL PHONE, charged... & list of phone numbers: 978 808 7173 (Terra), and whomever you are coordinating w/ regionally\\ \\ [[posters_hand_outs|BASIC HAND OUTS]]\\ ​ FOR THE PUBLIC\\ ​ --- flyers (can be printed from the website, the quarter page version is most handy)\\ ​ --- legal discussion (not many people will take this)\\ ​ --- cards (contact us, we have plenty)
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