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 +===== These documents have information about for the legal right to petition. ===== 
 +====== For most people these are enough: ====== 
 +\\ [[filedetailsolicitation_of_signatures_in_public_places.pdf|Solicitation of Signatures in Public Places (Secretary William Galvin'​s office)]] \\ \\ [[filedetailsosmemopetitionersshoppingcenters.pdf|Soliciting Signatures on Nomination Papers and Ballot Question Petitions at Shopping Centers (Secretary William Galvin'​s office)]]\\ \\ [[filedetailglovsky_v_roche_1-4_summary.pdf|Glovsky v Roche Brothers Supermarkets (summary)]]\\ \\ \\  
 +====== For those who want to dig into the court cases, these are important cases: ====== 
 +\\ [[filedetailglovsky_v_roche_1-4.pdf|Glovsky v Roche Brothers Supermarkets (full ruling)]] \\ \\ [[http://​​cases/​sjc/​388/​388mass83.html|Batchelder v Allied Stores International]]\\ \\ [[filedetailstrahan_v._simon_property_group_2.pdf|Strahan Simon Property Group Inc.]]
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