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  • Only registered voters are allowed to sign.

  • Signers must sign on the sheet designated for the correct town (the one they are registered in): The town name needs to be on the sheet, in the space provided. Only voters from that town can sign on that sheet.

  • Signers must write the street address where they are registered to vote. For example, college students may live in Boston but be registered in the town they came from, and so in many cases would be providing their street address from their home town (on a petition form designated for that town).

  • No other marks on the petition form, other than the signature, street address, and town:

* **Do not** highlight, underline, or write "see other side."

* **Do not** put your initials or any other designation on the petition sheets. 

* **Do not** mark on the petition form itself where you left off from the previous session. Use stickie notes as described below to keep track of your "numbers." 

* **Do not** scribble on the form to get the pen started. Instead, use a scrap piece of paper. 

  • If a voter signs incorrectly or makes an error, do not erase or make changes. Leave the incorrect line intact and ask the voter to sign his or her name and address again on the next line.

  • Married females should not sign as, e.g. “Mrs. John Smith.” They need to sign their own names, Mary Smith, instead. But middle initials are not required.

  • Persons with physical disabilities may authorize another individual to sign for them in the voter’s presence but one spouse may not sign for the other.

To download and print the petition form you MUST print both sides and have the same number of signature spaces as the original printable version.


Please follow INSTRUCTIONS-3.pdf

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