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 +//Script for PassMass calls 2015 SMILE when you talk. Sit up straight, breathe.//​\\ ​ Hi ___! I am ____.\\ ​ Your friend ____ suggested I call you. They believe you can help me.\\  [Or we learned that you were interested in our project, because you signed up at ____ meeting/​rally/​outside xyz bookshop/​grocery store, etc]\\ \\ Is this a good time to talk, for a few minutes? (when might be a better time? I will call you back then.)\\ I am a volunteer (Town) coordinator with the Pass Mass Amendment organization,​ which is working to place a ballot initiative requesting amendment of the Massachusetts State Constitution. This is a first step in getting Big Money Out of our elections.\\ It seems that you're interested in helping. I'm calling to see how you might help.\\ ​ Question\\ ​ : How familiar are you with the effects of corporate money in our political system?​\\ ​ IF VERY FAMILIAR, skip to the Close…\\ ​ Since the Citizen’s United Supreme Court decision, there has been a lot of Big Money donated to the political process by Corporations,​ PACs and wealthy individuals. \\  This money gives these groups a far greater voice in the way our government works. Because they can spend so much more money than the rest of us, they are given a greater political voice than you and I have.\\ ​ Question\\ ​ : Are you concerned about corporate involvement in political process? Have you seen the difference in your town, in our state?​\\ ​ It seems as you want to have a bigger voice in this discussion….\\ \\  Close the connection with PassMass with exchange below.\\ \\ \\ \\ \\  We aren’t asking for money here. What we need most is a few hours of your time. Already we have over 30 state legislators and a long list of organizations endorsing PassMass, including business leaders. Now we're building teams locally, and we need your help…\\ ​ We need volunteers in (your Town) to collect citizen’s signatures later this year. Can you help for a few hours, getting signatures in front of the local grocery or other popular locale?​\\ ​ We can meet and talk about the process, if you like. Or please come to our meeting on ___. \\  Visit to check it out. \\  I can send information about the process to you.\\ ​ Can we count on you to help in this critical effort to fix our political system?​\\ ​ Thank you!
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