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Dear Clerks and Election Officials,

Thank you for your work defending democracy. The petition process is a critical part of the people having a voice in government.

PassMassAmendment and Elections came to an agreement regarding an SJC order early on. The basis of the agreement is that if the VRIS shows that we are not close to the needed amount of signatures, Elections will not have to follow up and go over each petition form that we turn in.

We have previously noted issues with the S-designation of the certification process. This was made apparent when one of our State Senator's signature was not certified last year. Because of this, there may be legal issues with the forms. We ask that if we have not picked up all of our Petition R forms by December 2nd, please hold on to them for an additional 90 days.

However, if you would like to have us off your ledger, feel free to send all Petition R forms, in your possession, after December 2nd, to the contact address.

We at PassMassAmendment would like to Thank You for treating us so well, as we continue to grow support for our efforts.

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