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 +PassMassAmendment\\ PETITIONER’s GUIDEBOOK\\ \\  Thank you for being part of the PassMassAmendment effort to amend the Massachusetts Constitution based on "​Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech"​.\\ \\  This booklet is intended to be a guide for petitioners. Because of the democratic nature of our group, we do not like to dictate anything. But there are certain parts of this booklet that outline actual rules that are dictated by law. Where those items exist, we "​star"​ ("​*"​) them so you know what is our guidance, and what part is "​required by law"​.\\ \\  We are only allowed to gather signatures from when the petition forms are released before September 18 to November 20. Pay VERY CAREFUL ATTENTION to the HOW TO PETITION and the PETITION RULES sections of this book. Each petition form needs to have a "​town"​ written on the form so that only people from that "​town"​ sign on that page. ONLY registered voters FROM THAT TOWN sign on petition sheets assigned to THAT TOWN. As you gather signatures, and turn them in to coordinators in your town or region, the signatures will be submitted to the Town/City Clerk (at Town/City Hall). The clerk gives us a receipt for the petition sheets. All petition sheets with signatures need to be turned in to city or town clerks by November 20th. The clerk then "​certifies"​ which signatures are "​valid"​ by checking to see if the person is actually registered to vote in that town. After the signatures are certified, someone on our team picks up the petition sheets. We gather up all of these and by December 4th, we turn them in to the Secretary of the Commonwealth. There will be a march, to the One Ashburton to celebrate our victorious action as we drop off the signatures.\\ ​ In preparation for petitioning,​ please review our How To Petition page (http://​​HOW+TO+PETITION,​ or go to [[http://​​|]] and look to the right for the above link). This online guide has more detail than this booklet.\\ \\  This booklet is intended to be a "Field Guide" for things we think you will need while petitioning. When writing this Field Guide, we assumed the reader would have already spent some time with the How To Petition page on the website.\\ ​ In this booklet, please find:​\\ ​ Page 1 **__Memo from the State__: "​Solicitation of Signatures in Public Places"​.** This document is useful in showing store managers and police that we have the right to petition. Please carry this at all times.\\ ​ Page 2 **__FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)__**\\ ​ Page 3 **__How to Petition__** (abbreviated version) for full version, see [[http://​​|]]\\ ​ Page 4 **__Petition RULES (SET BY LAW)__**\\ ​ Page 5 **__Petitioners Checklist__** (stuff not to forget when leaving the house)\\ ​ Page 5 **__List of State Senators__**\\ ​ Page 6 **__List of State Reps__**\\ ​ Page 7 **__Legal Discussion__** (legal details about what we are doing)
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