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-====== We are getting ready to petition in 2018! Our petition is scheduled ​to be submitted ​to the state the first WednesdayWe should have printed forms by the first week in September! ​======+====== We have started our 2018 petitioning campaignWe now have til mid-November ​to hand signatures in to the state. ======
 \\ \\
 [[:​print_the_petition_form|PRINT OUT PETITION FORMS]]\\ [[:​print_the_petition_form|PRINT OUT PETITION FORMS]]\\
 [[:​pick-up_petitions|PICK UP Pre-Printed PETITION FORMS]]\\ [[:​pick-up_petitions|PICK UP Pre-Printed PETITION FORMS]]\\
-Here is our 2017 petition language:​\\ +Here is our petition language:​\\ 
-{{:​2017_petition_language_3484_-_ver._1.pdf|Reduce Out of State Campaign Donations}} ​\\+{{:​2017_petition_language_3484_-_ver._1.pdf|Reduce Out of State Campaign Donations}} 
 ====== ​  ​====== ====== ​  ​======
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