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This is the public page for the PassMass ByLaw Development. There is also a private page for people involved in the PassMass ByLaw Development. If you want to be part of the process to develop the PassMass ByLaws, please let us know!

PassMass has grown. We are now hundreds strong. And we can no longer operate as an informal collective. We need to develop a formal decision making process that abides by democratic principles that we believe in. If you want to be kept abreast of this process, please sign up for the Action List under the contact button on the right. If you want to be part of the development process, please look for opportunities to participate. The Action List members will be notified when there are things to decide… we aim to have the wider membership make all formal decisions regarding the ByLaws.

The original PMA bylaws.

CORE TEAM MEMBERS…this is the public update page for the bylaw development. For the ByLaw development wiki, look for the button called INTERNAL - ByLaw Development"... or click here.

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