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 + Watch this SHORT video of the 2014 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention endorsing PassMassAmendment\\ [[endorsements_advisors|See OTHER endorsements here!]]\\ \\  \\ \\  Thousands of delegates voted to endorse and to encourage Democrats around the state to help petition this fall.\\ ​ That's the PassMass banner to the right of the stage.\\ \\  Yeah, you might have given up hope in political parties, and yeah, this is a "​cross-aisle"​ (bi-partisan) issue, but dang, it was great to be there and have this group dancing in the aisles after this was read:\\ \\  Here is what the Convention voted:\\ \\  
 +=== //"​**WHEREAS** the Massachusetts Constitution'​s main intent is to promote the Common Good and strengthen the Social Compact;// === 
 +=== //​**WHEREAS** the Citizens of Massachusetts are alarmed by the unbridled greed, disrespect for the environment and the audacity of the idea that corporations have any constitutional rights, is cause for action;// === 
 +=== //​**WHEREAS** the Citizens of Massachusetts feel that to protect their state, they must embark upon a ballot initiative to ensure that governance of their state reflects The People'​s wishes:// === 
 +===   === 
 +=== //**BE IT RESOLVED** that the 2014 Convention of the Massachusetts Democratic Party endorse PassMassAmendment'​s ballot initiative to amend the Massachusetts Constitution based on "​Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech"​.//​ === 
 +=== //**BE IT RESOLVED** that we encourage leaders and activists of good will to petition this fall to help get enough signatures to put this question on the ballot.// === 
 +=== //**BE IT RESOLVED** that copies of this resolution be sent to all appropriate media."//​ === 
 + ​end-quote
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