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 + ​1:​00-1:​05 intros\\ ​ 1:05-1:15 accept agenda\\ \\  1:15-1:30 Janet’s report and proposal on a professional facilitator\\ ​ 1:30-3:00 bylaw discussion (no decisions, just sharing of ideas/​information)\\ ​ 1:30 structure/​content,​ what is needed in a bylaw document\\ ​ 2:00 principles, what do we stand for\\  2:30 sociocracy intro\\ ​ 2:45 process, what are the nitty-gritty steps\\ ​ 3:15-3:30 Patty'​s summary of petitioning results\\ ​ 3:30-3:45 Statehouse update\\ ​ 3:45-5:00 PARTY/​FOOD\\ \\  Drafted by Terra, Proposed mods by Janet, Terra'​s OK with it. No other objections, except a couple suggested additions:​\\ \\  - newly proposed items for agenda:\\ \\  a. Patty'​s asking that an Intro to Sociocracy be added to the discussion. I'm thinking like 15 minutes? but not sure "​where"​...perhaps in the process discussion? but then it doesn'​t leave room for other process ideas... comments anyone?\\ \\  b. Petition forms... Essex County? Lowell region? Patty doesn'​t have all the forms
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