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 + This is the page for stuff that people propose that we add to Facebook:​\\ ​ The first section is for items that are APPROVED. The second section is for items that are PROPOSED/​in-process. The last section are items that have been REJECTED. I also added a section for DONE.\\ \\  NICK, please put a "NICK OK" next to items in SECTION 2 PROPOSED that we can post to Facebook. Also, add an intro statement on why this is relavent.\\ \\  *\\ 
 +====== SECTION 1: APPROVED: ======
 +\\  Major General Smedley Butler'​s (USMC) speech entitled "​[[http://​​article4377.htm|War is a Racket]]",​ from 1933, about corporations and "the war machine"​. [Nick OK, I do not see how it can hurt us. It is not totally relevant] [Terra to get Nick's intro paragraph from email, or Nick if you can write one, great. Go for it, add it here.]\\ \\  "See in-depth commentary/​debate on current issues.http://​"​ Nick - OK\\ \\ \\ 
 +====== SECTION 2: PROPOSED: ======
 +\\ \\ \\ \\ https://​ Informing citizens about how money in politics affects their lives. Terra, Erika - comments? THIS IS NEW\\  HOW ABOUT THIS? https://​​revolving/​departing.php?​cong=112 Itt's about "​revolving door". not specific to Mass, but shows how much money there is in politics... how getting elected is "the ante" for getting the consluting gig\\ \\ https://​​wiki/​Campaign_finance_reform_in_the_United_States\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ http://​​files/​2013/​02/​Massachusetts-Congressional-Action.pdf (Common Cause "​scorecard"​ from Terra) Nick - OK [Nick, pls write intro suggestion is "To see if voters in your district passed a resolution directing legislators to take action at the federal level, click here"​.\\ \\  page with a WHOLE LOT OF IDEAS for Nick to review:\\ http://​​ogayle/​hist111/​industrial.html\\ \\  NICK PLEASE ReCONSIDER:​\\ [[http://​​section.php?​id=35|CELDF'​s history lesson ]]about how corporate rights impact the environment and local communities to push back on profits-before-people. Note that on CELDF'​s site there is a series of 4 hour lectures in their "​video"​ section. Nick - no, corporate rights. Terra - but it's soooo good.\\ \\  NICK PLEASE ReCONSIDER:​\\
 +  * [[http://​​about|Free Speech for People]], John Bonifaz'​s effort to amend the constitution. TERRA doesn'​t think we should link dirctly to their site, til they endorse us, or at least return our emails...or?​ maybe we should? Nick, I agree with Terra. Terra: They are talking to us now, at least. How about it?\\ \\  From CUWG page\\ [[http://​%20http//​​pages/​brochures/​fecfeca.shtml#​Historical_Background%20|Federal Election Commissions page with history of campaign reform Nick, I can not access it]] Terra get the link. I got the l ink, but can't remember\\ \\ 
 +====== SECTION 3: REJECTED: ======
 +\\ [[http://​​blog/​2007/​11/​unequal-protection|Thom Hartmann'​s Unequal Protection Nick NO- Put a link to his website]]\\ http://​​endorsers.html (national level "​scorecard"​ from Terra) Nick - No, it is all about endorsements\\ \\ http://​​topics/​corporate_personhood Note this great list of resources at the bottom, aftr Nader'​s paper Nick - No, too much corporate personhood\\ \\ [[http://​​sites/​default/​files/​FSFP%20Nationwide%20Voter%20Survey-1.pdf|Free Speech for People VOTER Survey showing how many people think corporations have too m Nick, ???, I can not get access]]\\ ​ [Nick said via email to Terra no on this.]\\ \\ [[https://​​watch?​v=MUHWfIabz0Q&​feature=related|Lawrence Lessig'​s lecture ]](8 minutes) on how campaign finance impacts democracy. [[http://​​watch?​v=Ik1AK56FtVc|Longer version]] (57 minutes), w/ more detail, numbers, etc. Nick No-He sucks. Are you going to make me watch it? I believe that he will be talking corporate personhood.\\ \\ [[http://​​|Move to Amend]], useful [[https://​​frequently-asked-questions|Frequently Asked Questions about Corporate Personhood]]. Nick No\\ \\  Other stuff from the CUWG resource page:​\\ ​
 +  * [[http://​​wiki/​Citizens_United_to_End_Political_Bribery|Occupy Boston'​s Wiki's resource page]] for information on Citizens United and other legal cases, actions, and resources. Nick - no
 +  * [[http://​​supct/​html/​08-205.ZS.html|Original Citizens United v FEC ruling Nick - no I changed my mind. This will have a huge list advocating against us]]
 +  * \\
 +  * Detailed Research and "​timeline story" on the "​[[http://​​docs/​ccp/​corp/​ACP/​CP_article%2Btimeline.pdf|history of corporate personhood]]"​ by the Women'​s International League for Peace and Freedom. SCROLL DOWN fto the end of the document for an ABBREVIATED TIMELINE. Nick No. We need to stay away from any mention of corporate personhood
 +  * DETAILED DATED TIMELINE. {{/​i/​file_not_found.png?​32x32|File Not Found}}**File Not Found**Nick NO
 +====== __DONE__ ======
 +\\ **https://​ Link to Jim Hightower'​s "​Lowdown periodical? (Erika'​s suggestion, Terra: I'm OK with that)**\\ ​ "Matt Taibi exposes the dark side of corporate power"​\\ [[http://​​the_audit/​matt_taibbi_vs_the_sec.php|http://​​the_audit/​matt_taibbi_vs_the_sec.php Nick OK]]\\ \\ [[http://​​wiki/​ALEC_Exposed|Alec Exposed]] This watchdog group exposes coordinated corporate action to undermine democracy and human/​environmental rights. See how corporate power controls your government.. Nick OK [Terra to get Nick's intro statement, unless he can rewrite it here.] Go with what is here? I made changes\\ \\ [[http://​​opinions/​09pdf/​08-205.pdf|Dissenting Opinion on the Citizens United v FEC ruling ]]VERY IMPORTANT...Citizens United dissent written by Justice Stevens. Nick - OK\\ \\  "Do not get spoonfed fluff, get the real news at: Nick OK\\ https://​​
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