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 + This page is to store Action Items. Please choose "​edit"​ and make change/​share progress. Then choose "​save"​.\\ ​ PLEASE NOTE: meetings that we're supposed to be at, as a group, are listed AFTER the action item list.\\ \\ [[allies_tracking|PLEASE ALSO SEE THE ALLIES TRACKING PAGE]] to see status/​actions associated with specific organizations.\\ \\  ALL:​\\ ​ - ask [[https://​​People/​Search|your State Reps and Senators ]]for an endorsement. [[sample_letters|see here for sample endorsement letter.]]\\ ​ - ask your orgs for endorsements. [[sample_letters|see here for sample endorsement letter.]]\\ ​ - forward the info to your lists\\ ​ - ask around for [[how_can_you_help|skills and help needed]]\\ \\ __**Stuff not getting done, in case someone can do:​**__\\ ​ - find graphics person for timeline\\ ​ - find NORML people\\ ​ - find out when Tea Party meetings are\\ \\ __**Nick:​**__\\ **- financial mgmt, legal**\\ ​ - EditGrid\\ \\ __**Erika:​**__\\ ​ - twitter? are we doing it?\\  - setup bulliten board at the shool\\ ​ - get us in at UMass\\ \\ __**Nancy:​**__\\ ​ - Online Calendars, Globe, GBH, etc,\\ \\ __**John Root:**__\\ __**-- Western Mass**__\\ ​ - Email lists of clerks DONE\\ ​ - Email lists of State Reps in process\\ \\ __**Terra:​**__\\ **- email list maintenance,​ send out meeting announcements,​ agenda/​action list maintenance**\\ **- press list maintenance**\\ ​ - sign up for WePay account and give Terra the password, so she can install it on the website\\ ​ - quarter page flyer w/judiciary members/​towns\\ ​ - set up blogger instruction page\\ ​ - set up petitioner instruction page REVIEW DRAFT\\ ​ - get petitioner script from Laura\\ ​ - set up radio show w/Denise WCUW 91.3 community radio servicing Worcester County.\\ \\ \\  *\\  THESE PEOPLE APPEAR TO BE WORKING ON SOMETHING OTHER THAN PMA\\ __**Mike:​**__\\ ​ - will create the "all roads lead to personhood"​ one pager STILL NOT DONE\\ ​ - will help Julie w/MTA facebook page STILL NOT DONE\\ __**Julie:​**__\\ ​ - MTA: follow up on possible state conference connection Lee Ketelson took this over, probably Julie is going to Lee's house\\ ​ - MTA: do facebook page STILL NOT DONE\\ ​ - gather list of activist groups on cape STILL NOT DONE, Terra offered to do wiki instead\\ __**Ken:​**__\\ ​ - give comments (specific edits/​changes) to the one page "Tea Party" flyer\\ __**Joe:​**__
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